New Year

I've never been a "New Year's Resolutions" type of person. Always seemed to me that the same people were making the same resolutions every year. The same weight loss companies produce the same commercials. The same organization tips surface. Come February everyone is eating the candy and not using the planners anyway. I just couldn't seem to get why people couldn't get their stuff together. 

I promise I'm not always so cynical. 

But this year, I've decided to make a couple changes, vows, or yes...resolutions. 

The first is to read more. More specifically-read more books, to myself and to Millie. I have gotten a lot of recliner time as a milk maid and I have slipped into the bad habit of wasting time online or on Netfilx. Generally I am reading something online. But I miss books. The smell, the sound of the pages, getting totally lost in a story and anticipating the next time I can sit down to read. I used to loose hours in a good book. I'd settle for loosing 20 minutes in this day and age. 

The reading more to Millie bit? I've already figured out my trick. Bath and Book time. She plays, splashes, and glances now and again at the book. I have a captive audience, she isn't trying to tear or eat the pages and she isn't trying to wrestle with me or running off to terrorize Chester. So far it's working. 

The next is to write more. The last two months have been nuts. I had a writing dry spell. I suppose with something that is creative-like writing is for me-the ebb and flow is normal. However, I didn't like it. So I'm going to try to make time to write more often. Even if I don't publish the piece. 

Finally I want to keep my closet clean and organized. Does this one make me sound like a child? Overall I feel like a better human when I have a clean closet. I can see what I have. What I don't wear, what I want to wear. My time is used more efficiently when my closet is easy to use. Keeping my closet clean snowballs into a whole other issue; I must become more discerning about what comes in, more practical about what stays and harsher on what goes. Right now I have about 7 shirts I want to keep but I don't have enough hangers for something is going to have to give because I'm not buying more hangers. It's part of the process of keeping my closet from going to the dark side.

So if you have tips, suggestions, tricks, have your own resolutions, or want to join me, I'm listening! I'd love hearing from you!

Here's to my three year-long goals. 


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