Wooden Egg Crafting With Millie

A couple of weeks ago we had to make a trip to the big city. What makes the place a big city? It has a Target. That's all. 

Confession: I hadn't been to Target in ummm..5-6 months? We don't get out much. So I conned my husband into making a Target run and I was dreaming about the dollar aisle. 

I'm also in the process of packing for an unknown moving date and it has occurred to me that I do not have much of any Spring or Easter decor. It's a travesty I know. I never really cared, but seeing Millie's excitement of getting outside and playing again has made me an even bigger Spring fan. I stumbled on some wooden craft eggs in the Easter section, probably while hunting for my husband-he'd long ago ditched me. I thought they were the perfect craft and addition to my slim Easter decorations pickins.

We had a quiet Sunday afternoon at home so we got the eggs out. I love crafting with Millie. I love giving her whatever colors fit her fancy. I love letting her have free expression and I proudly display a plethora of her creations.

But these eggs I wanted a little bit of control over. If they were to be out for the next forever I wanted them springy. Mixed orangegreenyellowbluepurplepinkgreen wasn't exactly what I was looking for. So I played control freak and mixed up some pretty pastels. Then I let her at them.

I negotiated two eggs for myself and we worked on a craft together. Which actually doesn't happen very often. Usually I have my project and she has hers. I generally write, cook, do my own craft, or read at the table while she crafts. It's 10 minutes of quiet. Or 5 or 3 if I'm being honest. This project was ours and it was fun!

And actually this working together thing made her work longer. We worked on these eggs for around 30 minutes. 30 whole minutes!

And the mix of colors worked perfectly. I love how they turned out. So cute. Probably one of the best $5 I've ever spent.

See? So much concentration. Momma was holding her egg so Millie needed to as well.

We talked about Spring. The reason for Easter, and why we see fresh, new things this season. They all can be seen as a symbol of our new life in Christ.

She's so cute. After each sentence she would look at me and say, "YEAH!" With her expressive little eyes gleaming.

A Sunday well spent indeed.


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