On Millie Being Two

When writing yearly posts such as birthdays I always like to go back and read the year before. And it doesn't seem possible that a year has passed since we celebrated Millie's birth. The day that rocks my world to this very moment. 

We all know that I like to get all nostalgic but I'm working on savoring this moment. Celebrating with our girl who doesn't quite understand what a birthday means but is excited for things like going to the park with Daddy, having Mac N Cheese, steak, and making S'mores. Watching her delight in the decorations for her birthday party and giggle and tell Chester "NO!" when he nibbles at the baby doll in her arms. 

So much has changed in our Millie girl this past year but the best things are still the same.  Millie is so bright. She is empathetic. She is persistent. She is kind. She is clever. She is funny. She is rambunctious. She is spunky. She is beautiful. And more and more we are seeing that while we call her "baby" she really isn't a baby. She's our baby. But not a baby.

We have conversations with her, though we carry them. We give directions and she follows. We play jokes and have dance parties...girlfriend has got the moves. We give kisses and she wipes them off...or rubs them in. It's her new thing.

I just remembered saying as I held her for the first time "She's ours." and then thinking "I get to take her home." I am so thankful she is ours and I have loved being home, watching her grow, helping her learn, and loving her with every fiber of my being. Almost two has it's challenges. I'm sure two will be the same but different-because that's how every stage of this raising kids thing goes.

So I think I'll go tuck myself in bed now with my baby and let her sleep so she can start climbing the mountain of 2. She needs her rest. She's got S'mores to eat tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Honey Girl. Love you always.

Momma & Daddy


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