My Momma

This Mother's Day is very different. I'm in the club this year, but instead of feeling extra special myself I am feeling the need to acknowledge my own mother. Funny how this momma gig seems to make you look around with a wider scope.

So I'm sitting down to write a little ditty for my own momma but the thing is...where do I start?

My mom instilled a very strong sense of home in me, where she was it was home. Not that we moved around or anything, things just felt right in the world when she was around, so around she was. And while this may seem like some attachment disorder or something it actually created the exact opposite. She and my dad raised 3 confident and secure kids who say what they think and want to come home and spend time with each other. I hope I can create this same kind family unit in my own household.

My mom helped me be ok with being an individual, liking what I like, and not caring what other people think. She may have created a monster by encouraging these characteristics from ages...oh 9-15. I think it was worth those rougher years. Even during those times though, we enjoyed each others company.

I was nurtured in a home that had love, sharing, lots of laughter, imagination, and above all faith. And I know she learned these things from her own mom. What a legacy we get to be a part of. 

Now I get to watch her be a Grandma and its a wonderful thing. She is kind, patient, loving, and jumps in to help, she doesn't always wait for us to get to the point of asking-because she knows us. That's appreciated. 

And mom, you say that the little on my lap is blessed to have me, well we are blessed to have you. 

Side note: We love hunting for junk. If you've got some call us. We'd be happy to take it off your hands. 

Happy Mothers Day Momma! 


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