The Year of Paper- Our First Anniversary

The passage of time is something that amazes me. I often think about what was going on a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, and so on. It's something about jogging those memories that I love. 

Today I think about one year ago. We were in Michigan. We had been vacationing with our family for the week. Thursday had rolled around and it was our wedding day. It was time to get married.  

So we went to our separate spaces. We did our hair, our makeup-well as far as I know that was only part of my routine. We put on our wedding attire and got ready to take some pictures. 

We exchanged gifts separately. 

We chose to not see each other until the time to walk down the aisle.

Pictures were taken and a few tears were shed. 

And then it was time to walk down the aisle. 

We listened to the breeze through the trees, the guitar melody, and the pastor of our youth who helped us grow in our faith and our relationship with each other. 

We looked at one another and Creation. Still not really believing that after all those years we were really there. 

We were thankful for the parting of the clouds and the pause in the rain so that we could do this outside-just like we wanted. 

I shivered and shook-not because I was scared but because I was cold. But it didn't matter to me. 

It did matter to the men though, and so my dad ran in and grabbed a blanket. I became "regal" in an instant. 

I told Jerrel that his people are now my people and where he goes I will go. Jerrel promised to protect and honor. 

Rings were exchanged as a symbol. And we both smiles at our new frosting. 

Papers were signed. And I used my new name for the first time.  I knew that this was big, new, different, and forever, but it didn't feel new or different-it felt like it always had been. That detail has always amazed us. 

I think our confidence was in part because of the marriages we have witnessed in our families. 

Finally we could take pictures together. And we tried to get some boys to smile.

We had a wonderful dinner together with new ties that bind.

And now a year later. I'm exhausted and elated after thinking about all that we have been through.

Graduating college, new job, moving to our own place, student teaching, graduating college, and our biggest addition-Millie. 

I've had some people say that the first year is the hardest. But we can't say that is true. It hasn't always been easy, but we have grown, we have loved, and the time has flown! What a joy this marriage has been. 

Because you know what they say...time flies when you are having fun!

Happy Anniversary Jerrel, you have been the husband I prayed for.


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