Meet Chester!

Millie has an announcement to make. No...don't get your hopes up. 
Not another baby yet. 

She got a puppy! 

And she's pretty excited about the all the new toys. For the dog of course.

Or maybe for her. We will work on sharing.

Meet Chester! He's about 4 months old and comes from a wonderful family. Complete with their own little girl to get this happy guy ready for our little girl. 

He is totally adorable, very smart, and wonderfully patient with Millie. 

We are pleased as punch to have him! Isn't he handsome!? We went and got him all the was hard to not buy him every cool toy on the market. He's got some yummy treats and a nice blanket to lay on until I get his bed finished.  

I put the treats in a blue mason jar on the kitchen counter. Does that make me THAT dog owner? It was purely for accessibility reasons. 

Millie is still feeling Chester out. She loves him when Momma and Daddy are close. Other wise, he's better behind glass. Give us a couple days. I think we will have best friends in no time! 

Throughout my life and times I have had 2 Golden Retrievers and I am so thrilled for Millie to get to grow up with one of these wonderful dogs. Jerrel wasn't so sure about a retriever...something about their hair. But let me tell took one meeting and these two where made for each other. 

Yeah, I think we have a new source of hours of entertainment. Welcome to the family Chester!


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