State Fair Fun

This past weekend we decided to take in the Nebraska State Fair. The fair brings back memories of 4-H, sweltering heat, and lemonade ice. 

We questioned if we should even go. I've said it before and I'll say it again-Millie isn't a traveler. Her temperament in the car make car rides sad, stressful, and long because we don't let her cry so we stop-alot. It has the potential to suck the fun right out of the event. But because the fair has moved to Grand Island and we had so much fun it's opening year, we decided to make the trip. We can't stay holed up forever. We need to get out, start traditions, and make some memories! One night in K-town with my Grandparents, a meltdown, and couple stops later we were at the fair and ready to grab some grub. 

Get some Cactus Jack's food if you have the chance. You will thank me.

I just now noticed the little boy and his mom in the bottom left corner of this picture. Apparently there is an important issue at hand.

Burgers and Bingo. We enjoyed lunch under the bingo tent with the Knights of Columbus. The weather was fabulous. After lunch we headed to the open class building. We are thinking next year we will do some open class projects. The produce was impressive and the handicrafts were beautiful. They had a rug making devision that had some stunning pieces!

They also had an interesting exhibit called "Bee Culture."

We are honey lovers in our family. We loved seeing the different kinds of honey and learning about bees and such. 

Then we got our caricature done. I was hesitant-girl thing. Then as it turns out Jerrel isn't thrilled with his depiction and I'm fine with mine. Funny how that works. I'm not sure he's ready for it to be publicized...someday...just trust me it's funny. 

Fair Food! Cotton Candy. Caramel Apples. Funnel Cakes. Lemonade. Fried Peaches. Fried Ho Hos. Fried Pickles. Fried Cheesecake. Fried COOKIE DOUGH. Basically, you want it? They got it.

While in our food coma from lunch and dreaming about snack and supper we moseyed through the buildings. We looked at the 4-H exhibits and the show animals. Saw a 3,400 lb stear. Yes. For real. Went to the petting zoo in which Millie all but jumped out of the sling in order to get her hands on a zebra-girlfriend loves animals. I waited around for 45 mins in hopes of a sow or cow to give birth in the labor pavilion, only to leave in disappointment. It's ok though, I would have waited until it was more private too.

Finally we ended up in the hog building for some reason and Jerrel wanted to watch a couple rounds of the hog shows.

Millie thought it was a good idea too. It was two against one. 

This chickadee had enough of the hog shows apparently. 

Soon we were hungry again. Ok, maybe hungry isn't the right term. But the clock said food time so we listened. We had another round of Cactus Jacks and decided for dessert to try...

Fried Cookie Dough-on a stick. Oh momma! It was good. So good. It didn't last long enough. 

Millie was starting to get sleepy and we decided to take advantage of it and start for the car. But not before a Millie selfie at the fair. First with the sky tram that makes momma incredibly nervous. 

Next, with a small line up of the food venders that someday baby girl will enjoy as much as the rest of us.

Wait. Did you see that? Let's look at that photo again:

Yup! First Tooth poking through. Thus far the teething has just resulted in a fussy girl one or two days, chewing, and a bucket of drool. But nothing major. Lets hope it stays that way.

For the record I like Millie's little baby gums. They keep her looking like a little baby. As does her bald head. Millie stay a baby. Just a little while longer. I love your gummy smiles.

On our way back to the car we caught the beginning of an Elephant show. It was neat, I guess. Jerrel and I both decided we are more of a National Geographic/African Safari Elephant show type of people. Oreo Eating Elephants? Nah.

We also left and both were thinking about the show "When animals attack." Each of us had our escape routes planned and knew we had the upper hand because we weren't in the bleachers. Weirdest and most paranoid people in America-right here everybody. This is why we don't get out much.

Next year the Carousel is on the list as is maybe one of those silly elephant shows. Soon we won't be able to be too cool for those types of things. Millie will know the difference. Dangit. 

She will also be well-versed in fair foods if her father has anything to say about it. I could really use some fried cheesecake right now. How about you? 


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