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I didn't post last week. And I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the baby. Maybe it was the dog. Maybe it was my husband. Or maybe it was me. Either way the blog didn't get opened up and the words didn't make it on a page. So what's been going on?

We had a night out a couple weeks ago to get family pictures and to enjoy some weird pizza. Think fig butter sauce, pistachios, bacon, and spinach. Told ya it was odd. But-deliciously odd.

The pictures turned out incredible. Now I cannot wait to get them on my wall. I just have to decide what, where, and when.

We just love Emily Davidson, her personality, her photography style, and her convictions. It's a wonderful fit. Millie loves her too.

I've also had some job offers in the last few weeks. A couple babysitting while at home and one I just turned down that was harder than I thought it would be. It involved teaching. 

Something I miss mildly-it gets in your blood. Plus the opportunity for my own classroom and space was enticing. And then, there was the every alluring temptation of more money and some of my own money. This part of being a full-time parent has been one of the most difficult things for me. My monetary earning power since being married has basically went to zero. Sometimes I feel like I'm dead weight, or spending the cash without a way to replenish-which I am.

Not working outside the home started out as a choice, then school started and it was necessary, then Millie came and again it was a choice but a necessary choice in our family view. 

God bless my delightful husband who assures me this lifestyle was his dream for his family too. 

And I love it I really do. But the prospect of going out, doing something I'm good at, trained to do, and earning a dollar or two was enticing. But then I realized that I can't make that choice. Nor should I right now. 

I have the option to stay home with our girl-just us. Right now it's a choice I can make. We live intentionally so the way we live is feasible and enjoyable. Not everyone makes the choices we make or is able to. Babies aren't babies for long and frankly I'm not willing to give up or divide that time with any other child that's not mine right now. I believe Millie needs me and that no one can do as good of job as me. I know things about her that no one else does. 

Even her spectacular Daddy. Ask him. He'll agree and hand her to me. It's just part of the job description as Momma.

So I said no to the jobs, the teaching one being the hardest. When I looked around though, and then under the table of my little girl toddling around the chairs, I realized the classroom I already have. The real life, real world classroom we live in. And the pay? The pay is even greater even if it doesn't always feel that way. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

I did however, jump at the chance of one opportunity. A writing opportunity. Before Millie was born the desire to write for more than just my blog was laid on my heart. So I started praying. And a few weeks ago someone from our local paper was expressing a need for a writer. 

I mentioned that I would love to try to do that for them. And so my first tip was given, the story was written and published and I enjoyed it. So much.

So now I've got a little gig for our small-town newspaper as a freelancer. I'd like to find more and I'm exploring a few different avenues. So that could also be why the writing here has slowed a bit. My writing energy has been elsewhere. But the more you write the more you write so I'm working on putting more time into both to hone my craft. 

Thus far I've had a couple of really fun stories. I love interviewing the people and learning about the topic.

It works great for our family. Which I'm happy about because if it doesn't fit-it's out. I've got to keep my priorities straight. I write while Millie is content or while she's sleeping. Or while her and Jerrel are training Chester. Or when she's not trying to chew on electrical cords. 

It's all about balance. And those big blue eyes.

Oh those eyes. 

We've slowed on the preserving season finally and have a nice stash of goods in our basement. It's so gratifying to go down there and see the fruits of our labor lined up in pretty glass jars. 

And I use the word "our" loosely. Jerrel did much more in the garden this season and basically all the canning. Thankful for him!

I also celebrated a birthday. 24. That one seems so much older than 23. Next year is 25-in case you didn't know what comes next. I celebrated with the day before junkin' at The Funky Junk Market. Then on the day of my birth I stayed home on a dreary day-my favorite. Decorated for fall with my finds and cleaned my craft closet. I girl. But do you know how gratifying it is to do get something accomplished when your baby isn't fussing for attention? She and Jerrel spent the day following me around while I was getting something done. Everyone was happy, happy, happy.

Then my aforementioned spectacular husband prepared me a meal of Pioneer Woman's Best Grilled Cheese Ever (she ain't kidding!) and Tomato Soup and we enjoyed supper with my family. It was bliss. 23 treated me pretty dang well. Let's see what 24 has got in store. 

Our girl is almost 7 months old. That's just not possible. I'm sorry but does it get any more darling? That dress? It was my Moms. Circa...1960somethingish.

So us lately? We are good. We are great. We are busy. We are silly. And we are happy. 

Happy Fall from Jess, Jerrel, Millie, and Chester. 

Drink some cider, eat some punkin', jump in some leaves. 


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