A DIY Window Seat Cushion

I've been going a little cookoo for cocoa puffs over here. Call it cabin fever, call it nesting, call it whatever you want. But Momma's getting stuff done. And it's well overdue. My husband has been saying a lot of "Yes Dear" and for that I am thankful! 

Remember when we bought this house and I did a house tour? Well these built-ins had me swooning the first time we entered the home. And finally I'm finding some inspiration, vision, and the time for decorating them. 

So pretty. So perfect. So dramatic. 

I wanted an upholstered cushion on that bench seat. But I needed it permanent of sorts. I kept picturing small children pulling it off the seat. Lord knows I didn't need one more thing to pick up. Or an injury, we already are pretty rough and tumble. We had some scraps of bead board. But it was too thin to screw into the corners of the seat. -Think another sort of the tush. So my husband figured out a solution you will see below. 

My Materials
Beadboard cut to size of seat
2 inch foam
Quilt batting
Spray Adhesive 

Now usually tutorials or other posts like this are done in the daylight hours. With pretty natural lighting. Making you think that those blogger's lives are always beautifully lit. Not this blogger. Sorry guys. I try sometimes. But sometimes? Sometimes you do projects in the dark. Because the dark is when your husband is home. Dark is when you can use that husband as a distraction, sometimes that distraction is wielding a light saber at your two year old. Don't worry she has one too. We make it a fair fight. 

Sometimes dark is good. 

Now, on to the project. My seat was just the right width for the two inch foam- 14 inches. Kismet! I cut the rest of the pieces to fit the board length and around those funky little wood pieces. I used the spray adhesive to keep the foam in place while I adjusted them and flipped the piece over. 

Then I covered the whole thing with quilt batting. 

Staple. Staple. Staple. 

And then I...well then I covered the cushion with my fabric which happened to be a Hobby Lobby remnant of upholstery fabric-love when that happens! I just forgot to take pictures of that step. The battle between the light sabers must have been getting intense. 

My husband then fastened the seat in its place and I added my homemade flour sack pillows and a couple more pillows I made from again, a Hobby Lobby remnant or two. And now it's extra seating. Bonus-it helps with the echo that is our whole house. So much wood. So many hard surfaces. It's getting cozier though. Day by day. 

Ah,  a pretty place to read. Or watch the cars go by if you are two.

Not sure who won the light saber battle. Probably depends on who you ask.


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