Hey Goalie...

For Christmas I gave my brothers Hockey Tickets. They had never been to a hockey game before and there is a team in K-town. I thought it would be way fun to go with them! Mom, Dad and Senor Smarty Pants came along and it was a new and fun experience. The boys say they will be coming again...soon, I guess it was a success! 
 Stormy, the kids loved him!
 They had a rib eating contest. It was decided that Senor Smarty Pants could have won, no problem. 
 A bit of a rough start but they improved throughout the game!
 When you go to a hockey game, any kind of sportsmanship you had is thrown out the window. There were chants against the refs, the players. When players were put in the penalty box they were harassed. I did not like that part. Mr. Keyser, my past PE teacher and principal would NOT be proud. :)
 The boys LOVED how physical the game was. The highlight was the fight two players had. I however, was not so impressed. 
When you are naughty in hockey you go in this box. (Penalty Box)

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