The Nikon!

Senor Smarty Pants had me perplexed.

He didn't ask for a Christmas List from me.

He never even asked for a suggestion.

Senor Smarty Pants was very confident in his gift choice.

He was done weeks before the holiday..shocking...

He wrapped an empty box to throw me off. 

But when I got the real it was...a new CAMERA

A Nikon, COOLPIX S8100-if that means anything to anyone.

A wonderful camera, one that takes beautiful pictures, that don't even really need edited.

This camera has so many tricks that Senor Smarty Pants has read up on. 

I needed this camera and I'm so impressed by his thoughtfulness and research!

And what did he say when I opened the box and was surprised? "It has 2 year Geek Squad Advanced Protection Coverage." :) Thank you Senor Smarty Pants!



  1. Awesome Antonio and I just bought a Nikon for ourselves as a Christmas present this year! Nikon cameras are great cameras!!! CUTE pic and your room looks cute as well! Looks like you changed it a bit since the last time I was in the basement of Grandma's house haha!

  2. I am in LOVE with my new camera Nat! We did actually change Grandma's basement quite a bit but that pic is actually in my room at home. But I like to call both rooms "shabby chic!" :) Maybe I'll post some pictures of it!