Well the holidays are over. I love the holidays, and I'm always in a bit of a funk when they are over. The house looks empty when the decorations are all put away. I miss the glow of the Christmas tree and the lights outside. I just feel...Melancholy. With so much joy, color, and fun around during so much of December, the first few weeks of the new year seem to just be kinda...blah for me. When I was young I used to dread the day mom would put the decorations away. She actually started doing it while I was at school so I couldn't whine while she did it. I just love the holidays so much. It was crazy hard for me to change the background of the blog! It was just so stinking cute! I'm a firm believer in leaving the decorations up until after New Years, but to soften the blow I found a lovely background with mountains and SNOW! So excuse my mood if it comes through on my blogging. I'm just missing the holiday season. :)


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  1. We missed you guys too, and I think my husband will be sorely disappointed that he missed the sweater. I'm sure it was a masterpiece. Yeah, I hope the kids are on their way to feeling better, Adra has like an eye virus from her cold so we're quarantined :(. Hope to see you soon, we'll have to meet up when you're back in K-town.