Brain Dead...

Ok, yes, the title of this post may be a bit morbid. Ok, yes, "a bit morbid" may be an understatement.

Like most college kids I'm and have been on quite a lengthy break. Now do you get the post title? Yup thats right, no school means significantly less THINKING. My brain, has been "resting" is that a more user friendly term? It. Has. Been. Wonderful.

I am going to be honest. This last semester was rough. I had a whole new school. A new living environment, which happened to be more difficult to adjust to than people thought, and continues to be. "Unfriendly" classes, just a lot of change. We all are well aware on how I fare with that stuff. In another post I went over my frustrations, that was only in the first few weeks of school. I'm afraid the frustrations just continued to mount. Only after being home for break for 48 hours did my mom say, "Jess I think you're starting to decompress." True statement right there.

One class in particular, Algebra, my nemesis I have decided. Again I'll be honest, I was praying for my D, and oh did I rejoice when I received it. My mind is not a Math mind. I can do my basics, the necessities- the rest-well just leave me alone. I would love to do words and letters all day long, but numbers, no way jose. This class was a rainy cloud. I was constantly worried if I was going to pass. I just kept praying to pass. I studied for hours to no avail. It was so frustrating for me, I felt like I couldn't do anything right. Senor Smarty Pants,(aka Math Mastermind) passed some advanced Calculus class last year at CSU with an "A" and said it was easy. He tried so hard to study with me and help me wrap my mind around it. Without him I may have not received my "D."

This is my first "D." While I am thankful I passed it is not my shining moment. In a list of A's and B's, it is somewhat hard to swallow seeing it on my transcript. But, it could be worse. I have a weakness and it is shown loud and clear on that paper. I must remember, however, I PASSED. I could say that all day long! I PASSED I PASSED I PASSED! I. PASSED. COLLEGE. ALGEBRA. The weight is off, PRAISE THE LORD! It was something I honestly wasn't sure I could do. There were times when I was just sure that this one class was going to keep me from graduating college.

I have quite a while left in school. This accomplishment has left me renewed and refreshed, after I decompressed and went brain dead, of course. During this break there have been long stretches of not leaving the house and not changing my clothes. Too much info? Too bad. It took some coaching to make my mind and my hands even type this organized and ligament of a blog post! A ski trip and some fresh mountain air helped tremendously as well. I am ready to take on this next semester next week. I know I can do it. I am just praising the LORD I don't have to go back to Alegebra and that I have a few more days to be...........yup you guessed it. :)


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