WY Scenery...

I80 on the way out to WY. Beautiful scenery..but flat!  
We stopped in Sidney at Cabellas..
Welcome to the GUN LIBRARY 
The little place we ate in Laramie.
  I am very disappointed to say that I forgot my camera the day we actually went skiing. I comforted my self with the thought, "Oh I'll just bring it tomorrow." Well due to a massive snow system that threatened much of the area we were in and home we had to cut the trip short and head home the next day. pictures. I am still a little sore on this issue! But we needed to leave, when we woke up the next morning we couldn't even see the mountains we could the morning before. So these shots will have to suffice!

A was impressed with the shower cap
in our room....easily entertained!

Pretty Pretty Mountains...Scary Scary Clouds 
These clouds are from the snow storm
we had to cut our trip short for. 

Red rocks Pretty!
Roads weren't terrible...yet
Many interesting names for roads in this area
Amazing rock formations!


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