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So...another topic has been brought to my attention in another class. PE 340-translated- Incorporating Movement into the Classroom. This doesn't mean just during the PE time, because the sad thing is, many schools are cutting that program, but thats another section of the story. This class is helping us as future educators think outside the box, teaching us games that include movement while teaching Math, Social Studies, etc. It is very interesting. 

In the class we have a question we are answering. It is: What is Quality Physical Education and why is it important? Now, I know this seems very straightforward and doesn't seem to be a need for a whole class, but don't worry its only a 6 week class. The first week we discussed the big elephant in the room...well actually the elephant in this whole country. Obesity. For a long time I guess I didn't think of it too seriously. Yeah some people are large. It's just how it is. But its not how it was. We discussed statistics, stats aren't always the best indicators, and sometimes don't impress me but these cannot be overlooked. 

15% of 6-19 year olds are considered overweight and or obese, that translates to about 9 million. With the number only growing. 

That stat is 3 times higher than in 1980. I also watched a documentary That spoke about China's obese rate-1990- 0. 2010- 25% of adults. Hello American fast food! 

The US Center of Disease Control says the obesity issue in this country is at EPIDEMIC levels. What does that mean? There is no end in sight, it seems uncontrollable, its increasing, and highly widespread. 

Now lets talk cash, the obesity epidemic cost about $100 billion a year of our health care budget. Why? because of the large number of disability claims because people can't work because of their weight and the huge heath issues that come about. 

This problem affects us all. Tall, short, healthy, unhealthy. Also according to the US Center for Disease Control this generation being raised has a shorter expected life span than the one before them. This hasn't happened since the Black What a sad state. Parents outliving their kids because of weight.

The diabetes rate even in Nebraska is growing exponentially. They actually had to rename "Adult Onset Diabetes" to "Type II Diabetes" because children were being diagnosed with this disease. 

Ok so enough scary facts. We eat terrible. The preservatives, artificial colorings and flavors, and of course the fats. Then you add the lack of activity, I think it seems obvious that this issue has arose. Now I'm not saying I'm the definition of a "Health Nut" but I am saying that that I want to do something about this problem.I want to help stop giving kids in schools the option to eat the overly processed junk our government gives the schools. I want to make sure that my students get the recommended 150 minutes of PE a week...not just 40 or 60...what many students are getting if they are lucky. You don't have to go nuts on some radical diet. Just use common sense. Opt for veggies and fruits. Don't overeat. Be active with kids. Take the get it. But take these things seriously. Live as an example. Being lazy and overweight isn't funny. That is something I've noticed on campus. Two very overweight girls the other day laughed about how funny it was that they couldn't take the stairs to the second floor...they took the elevator. Sorry if this sounds cold, the girl with the nick name, Slim is raggin' on the overweight stuff. Not everyone can or should be a stick. We all have different body types that are healthy for us. Key word? Healthy. 


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