Out on the Porch Swing

As you all know this is Lucy. 

I totally adored Lucy when she was a puppy. Then she went through what I like to call "Adolescents." She was hyper and she didn't listen-ever.

But we started making a point to spend as much time as possible with her, and she grew out of her teenage years, thank goodness. Now I love going to get her to keep my company when I'm home.  

Today we went on a run and then we sat on the porch swing for a while. Lucy loves the porch swing. The only way Lucy could be any closer to you while swinging was if she was actually on your lap. I was petting her and she turned and looked at me and then she did something so intentional, she laid her head right in my chest and snuggled up to my neck. It was like a "Golly I love you Jessi." kind of gesture. It reminded me of something a child would do. It was so sweet. 

So you know what? 

I think I am back to adoring Lucy. 


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