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So we have 3 days of March left. That means April is basically here and that means May is just around the corner, and THAT means graduation is basically happening now.

Mom was getting some pictures together to send to the school for the graduation video. Yes our school is small so they make a video. Every year it's a tear jerker.

But anyway we were looking at them and man, was Aaron a cutie. We are just so confused on what happened between then and now. KIDDING. (kinda)

Not only is this graduating class the one that my little brother is in but, it's the last class that I went to high school with. It's moments like this that make you really see how quickly the passage of time occurs. I've heard many people say that certain classes go through high school quickly, and others seem to be in it longer. My class was one that seemed to take longer and I think that's because everyone just loved us. My brothers class seemed to fly right comment on what that means.

To sum up the information I have presented and ramblings posted: Things are about to get crazy. It's almost time for graduation cake and mints, and I'm still in denial, but it's ok, I kinda like it here.


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