Where the "E" Came From

There is no "Mum's the Word Monday" today. Sorry to disappoint but today is my Grandma Smith's Birthday and well, I figured that I should maybe take a minute to do a little post about her. She's quite a lady. She has a knack for writing and poetry and recently she has shared with me something she has written about her and my Grandpa's life. It's titled " Where Dad and I Start." I'm working my way through reading it and it is really interesting. I love reading and learning about my family, it's always been fascinating and important to me, I always want to know more about where and whom I come from. I share my middle name with my Grandma Smith and I'm so thankful I do. I really do love it. So in honor of her birthday I have decided to share a little passage of what she has written, I'm certain she won't mind.

"My first realization of home was our little sod house located on my Grandpa Huffmans' homestead ground, about 3 1/2 miles North West of Gates NE. It was about a mile and a half south of my Grandparents house. We accessed our home by following a two track sandy trail that followed the Middle Loup river, that meanders across Custer County. By today's standards we lived in poverty, but only the poverty of having no money. Our lives were enriched with other things that money could not buy."

I could just keep typing and typing. Isn't she a wonderful writer? Having these writings and being able to read them is such a blessing. We had a nice supper and she made an absolutely wonderful chocolate cake- because that's what my Grandma does.

Happy Birthday Grandma!


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  1. Way to go Jess you made me cry! Cry cause now I miss my Momma & don't find the time to go see her & my Daddy enough, cry cause I miss you, & cry because we are so proud of the person you have become. Love you lots.