Tar Paper.

Sometimes I wish I had a tape recorder for my Grandparents conversations.

The year: 1952 or 51...can't remember for sure.
My grandpa got a new job it paid $180 a month it included their rent.

Grandma: "That house? It was a chicken coop with tar paper on it."

Grandpa: "Oh it was alright. We got along fine."

Grandma: "It had no screens on the windows. There was no flooring except the linoleum in the kitchen that was wore clear through to the black. I could only do the washing when he was home (Grandpa) because the power would go out in the middle of it."

Grandpa: "You were happy weren't you?"

Grandma: "Well yeah...You had to go outside to get water."

Grandpa: "Well you were raised that way, just like I was." 

Grandma: "Yes, I was but I was ready for something different."

Grandpa: "I was different."