social media rocks

Today is wet and rainy but the weather can't dampen how wonderful this day has been. 

In high school I was very active in an organization called FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). I loved it, all my friends were involved, we got to do fun activities and our advisor-she was just the best. Every Spring we would have our big State Leadership Conference in Omaha. We would go and take tests, give presentations and speeches, and socialize. It was the highlight of the year. Imagine hundreds of kids, running around the Holiday Inn for 3.5 days. How we all made it out alive I'll never know.

This is a girl named Amber, she was in my class and ran for a State officer- and won. Our school had 3 consecutive years of state officers. We really liked FBLA! 

My friend Doug was also a State officer, and we always used to make fun of this clapping motion-he said he "had" to do it that way. Apparently they were taught to do that in order to signal to the hundreds of kids in the audience to clap. Obviously this is the most "business professional" way to clap.

SLC was full of hair spray, #2 pencils, order in chinese, close toed shoes and ribbons on your name tags. The more ribbons-the higher your "social status." It was also apparently filled with bad lighting and low resolution photography.

If you would care to notice Kellie and I are wearing the same outfit as the above picture. However the young lady on the far left is not-Frankie used SLC as an opportunity for many costume changes.

There are so many more funny memories and wonderful photos that are floating around out there, I couldn't post them all!

One year Doug and I did a presentation. Doug and I have known each other forever and our chemistry while presenting was untouchable. We worked hard and with the guide of our advisor we made it to nationals. That moment is still so special to me. 

Well today is the day that the conference begins and so some of us past FBLA-ers thought it would be really nice to let our wonderful past advisor know how awesome we thought, and still think she is. She's had a rough past few months. Rougher than we can ever comprehend. 

We are all young adults all across this state and others, going to college, working, doing our own things. But with all the interconnectedness that is our high school years we all remember and still care about the young lady that helped us all along, even if we are just now really taking notice. Mrs. Clark looked out for us, she invested in us, she respected us, she liked us, and she had fun with us. 

And what an awesome medium we have to take a break from doing our own things to reminisce together. You know, sometimes I really curse social media-but today social media rocks. 

We don't really get to see each other very often, but today I feel like we have just had a get together. And it's times like this where I am certain that I grew up and went to high school with some of the best people on this planet. 


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