Tie-Dye Irony

Is it odd that freshly worked up ground makes me giddy?

I would like to introduce you all to my Compost! This is Sissy's old water tank. It has a hole in the bottom and I decided instead of throwing it out I could use it as a compost bin.

Because I cannot leave anything just "as is" I painted some stripes on it but left some of the galvanized metal I do love how it looks. Then I just started filling it up, road apples, cut grass, old food, twigs, whatever I could get my hands on that would compost. It makes me feel good that I am reusing some of the unusables-best of all it's free! You can find a whole list of compost-able items online. I'm not going to blab on here about it because frankly I'm still learning and gathering information from many sources. I just want to encourage you to compost! It's easy, and makes great soil, I dug down deep and found what the product is yesterday-I'm amazed. It's so dark and rich looking, my plants are gonna love it.

The chicken wire top helps the little pieces of paper and such not blow around our yard-Dad would not appreciate that.

In other news: 
The other morning I got up, threw my hair in a braid down the middle of my back, slipped into a tie-dye shirt, applied my all-natural deodorant called "Hippy Pits," slid on my "bible time" sandals and started the day.

I went out and added the coffee grounds and orange peels to my compost pile and stirred it up. Then I came in took a shower and went to work at Country Drawers-a cloth diaper and Natural/Organic Family Products store. I cannot make this stuff up...I just put it all together and thought it was a little ironic. Hippie?


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