We Saw A Lot Of Rocks: part 4

We went to Custer and shopped a bit, that's where I bought my new moccasins! Custer is a cute little town. 

We then decided to go to Crazy Horse, where uh, you guessed we saw a lot of Native American stuff AND rocks. So, bonus! I will leave my words about Crazy Horse few, but going there is a strange mix of overwhelming and underwhelming feelings. This would be Rock #4

That night we went and saw some family in WY, it was so nice visiting with them! The next morning we got up and drove Needles Highway. I can honestly say if I never do that again I will be just fine. The scenery was beautiful, the colors of our faces as we piled out of the van when we finally got to Keystone was not. 

It was a rainy and dreary day, a nice change of pace. 

We came to a little stop and found out why it was called Needles Highway. There were all kinds of climbers waiting their turn to climb to the top of this little number. Unfortunately you needed professional gear, and we were fresh outta that so we just climbed the adjoining rocks. Rock #5

When we got to the top of "our" rocks this was our view. It was still pretty awesome. 

So pretty and melancholy, I liked it. Plus it was a much needed break from the highway for us all. 

I was able to get some very cool pictures. My favorites- close-ups. I'm "lichen" this one. Get it?  

Have you guys viewed enough rocks on this blog yet? I didn't think so. 

Shockingly Senor Smarty Pants decided to climb as high as possible. With no shoes-because and I quote- "My bare feet are as close to climbing shoes as I can get." Sometimes I just shake my head, turn around, walk away, and say a prayer he doesn't end up dead. 

There are this little tunnels on the highway. I didn't really see any of them, I was too busy trying to fall asleep and not vomit.

Finally after our stop in Keystone for a breather and lunch we got to what seemed like the main event, the reason that most people go to the Black Hills: Mount Rushmore. I really enjoy this place. Just something about it. Rock #6.

I had never before paid attention to how much there is to do at the Faces. You can just take them in but then there is the huge gift shop, the museum, and then you can walk down and get closer to the faces, just stroll around the area.

I learned about how they fill the cracks with silicone- the material they just started using not long ago after abandoning the old method. They cover the silicone with dust from the rocks so we can't tell a thing is wrong. 

I had never paid attention to the detail. Think of carving out those glasses with a jackhammer, a lot of work.

Coming to Rushmore made me hold my head a little higher about being an American. Some days I get a little discouraged but seeing these Faces restored a little of my hope.

The next day we got up and took the long journey home. It was a lovely Holiday. Thank you for putting up with all the posts. We've been home just over a week now, and now I'm ready for another Holiday, yes definitely ready for another one.


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