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This photo was cruising around facebook. I thought I would just share it here. You know it's so true. I've been reading "The Omnivores Dilemma" and I've become so aware how unconnected I am-heck how unconnected we all are from our food and other goods. We don't think about where things comes from, what goes into growing it, harvesting it, getting it to the store and then us buying it. This process used to short and simple-grow it, eat it. Today its a complex series of processes and like the plastic spoon, we perceive all of this to be less effort than the grow it, eat it mentality. I'm not saying that gardening is a piece of cake but I am saying if we all thought of the resources, the waste, and the prices of what we are eating and buying, shortening the process wouldn't sound so frightening. 

So I guess the moral of the story and this picture is to think further than just if you want the green apple or the red one, if you want to buy real spoons or disposable ones. If you want have a stash of cloth diapers that you only have to throw in the wash or smell the disposables in the trash (because trust me disposables smell wayyy worse-its the chemicals in them)and again take out the trash all the time- and run to get diapers every time you are out (more resources), I guess I'm learning to weigh and consider more factors, not just the ones in front of my face. I'm trying to be a better stewardess of God's creation.  Just think about it. 

p.s. yes that was a cloth diaper plug-it's because of my internship at Country Drawers...diapers are on my brain about every day of the week. 


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