Friday, Friday

One of my favorite summer gigs is Story Hour at my local library. We average about 15-20 kids each week. I like when it is closer to's amazing what a difference even one more kid makes. We start our hour with reading. I have been doing this for I don't know how many years. LOOONG time. I had last year off and I did miss it so I was thrilled when this year worked out! 

Last week I read a book about Raccoons, being the education major that I am and having a love for listening to littles, I always try to ask questions while I'm reading, to keep them engaged, get their imaginations working, and maybe help them learn a little bit. Well Raccoons were an interesting topic to bring up, I started off with: "Have any of you had an experience with a Raccoon?" Duh, Jessica we all live in rural America. One little boy had quite the saga including his dad, a raccoon, maybe some cat food, and definitely a shot gun. I actually have had the same saga played out on my homestead before...but that''s neither here nor there.

Anyway, this week is the last week-I'd say it's been a great month of Story Hour-alright I'm off to read some stories. Have a happy Friday!


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