Roughin' it

Senor Smarty Pants and I took the boys camping again, well most of them anyway. As it always is when we spend extended periods of time with our adolescent male siblings it was full of laughs, shakes of the head, rolling of the eyes, potty humor, and some mildly inappropriate innuendoes. 

Usually Senor Smarty Pants is just a little worker bee. This time he decided he wasn't doing as much. So we set these two boys on the task of staging the tent. It took them longer than anticipated-but we feel it was a good learning experience...

Then we had a bit of a hiccup in the events. The small tent door has some zipper issues so we usually just avoid using it. So we went to option 2. Apparently it's zipper is shot. So shot that we could not get the thing zipped back up so we could just avoid it and go to our 3rd and final option-the last working door. We wrestled with it and decided to try to duct tape it, we ran to the lodge, spent an obscene amount on tape and came back. Check out this handy work:

I do not consider myself a redneck, just a little country but this was about too much for me to handle. the next morning we were so happy it didn't rain, but our duct tape job barely held through the night. As the breeze picked up throughout the morning the tape kept coming undone, soon my duct tape was in the trash. 

Thankfully we were able to find other camping accommodations for our last night.

The boys went fishing and swimming-I had to work in the afternoon, but that was ok with me. Work is air conditioned. 

Those are a sign of a good night. You know, I think people camp because of the evenings. There is something about the anticipation of the coming evening. As the sun is setting on the lake, the cool starts to settle in and the fire gets started. Then you get to listen to the crickets and chit chat as everything you say gets funnier the later it gets. Plus, everyone looks better when lit with the light from a campfire. Even my brothers' ugly mugs...


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