I babysat Parks Wednesday evening-look what he gave me:

Such a sweetie! We spilt one with the sprinkles because well, the sprinkles obviously make them taste better! The bottom left corner cupcake is some kind of spice cake and the frosting reminds me of chai tea. YUM. 

So if you're keeping up to speed-yes it is my birthday, my 22nd birthday. I'm really trying to be peppy about it but this week has been a doozy (you just thought last weeks somber poem was something!). So today, I'm currently trying to decompress. But the 487 fourth graders that I will spend my morning with might delay that process. Not an exaggeration. 

So I'm leaving you all with this little ditty. It seems to be the perfect juxtaposition of how I'm feeling. The song is fun but a little bit sad. 

It's my birthday! But I had a rough week, so I just might cry if I want to. 

Here's to the year of 22! 


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