I forgot to mention...

Did Ya'll miss me yesterday?

No Thrifty Thursday, I know. What then did I do with my time you might ask?

Well I umm..took a test, took another test, and turned in a take home test, all before 10 am. Then I crashed, brain=fried. So made the executive decision to lay on the couch alone, watching sitcoms- the perfect, in my opinion, mindless entertainment. 8 Simple Rules, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Reba. just some classics you know. After that action packed afternoon we went to dance class, after that we- wait what? DANCE?

Ha. I guess I must have forgotten to mention Senor Smarty Pant's birthday present to me...oops. 12 weeks of couples dance lessons. We are learning Country Swing and waltz. It's going well, but I've said it before and I'll say it again dance class is out of my comfort zone. BUT we all need that. It's when we run to the uncomfortable things, that we discover some of the best and most beautiful things. I'm just hoping I can still find the best and beautiful things while jogging toward the uncomfortable or more likely-walking.

...forward and back and forward and back and...


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