Fridays Letters

Dear Butter, I may not be as infatuated with you as Paula Dean but I do come a close second-real close. Dear Adult Acne, thanks for showing up, ‘preciate it. P.S. If you are related to my love of butter, just don’t tell me, I don’t want to have to make that choice. Dear Thesauruses around the world, thanks for being one of my all-time favorite books. I love synonyms and while we are at it, antonyms. Dear $1.00 Garage Sale Lucky Jeans, dare I say you were the best dollar I ever spent? I thank and pity the person who let you go and paid full price for you. Dear Sumac, if you could stay that deep scarlet year-round I wouldn't mind. Dear Target, you strike again, well played, very well played. Dear Senor Smarty Pants, Thanks for the 4 years, we just recently celebrated, they have been awesome and I’m sure the best is yet to come. 


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