Friday's Letters

Dear Brain, welcome to break. The land of blogging, baking, and...I don't have another "b" word, um doing whatever I want! Dear Caterpillars above my eyes, you are also affectionately known as my eyebrows-get prepared to be downsized ASAP. Dear Miniature Christmas Tree, thanks for taking me back to the old days. Where the day after Thanksgiving I'd drag out my Christmas stuff and decorate my room. This year I decided to add my broach collection to the tree. It turned out cuuuute! Dear Flavored Butter, You might be my new favorite thing-after of course simply, BUTTER. Dear Evan, Good Luck tonight! And just so you know, that little hand motion thing you do when you make a three is ridiculous, awesome but ridiculous. Dear Dance Class, thank you for getting Senor Smarty Pants and I out of the house at least one night a week. And the conflict resolution skills we have gained are priceless!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


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