Hodge Podge

*The Story: On December 1st Jerrel received a mysterious phone call when we arrived to the big city to do some "Christmas Shopping." He stepped outside the car and I overheard him talking about a hot air ballon ride that was getting cancelled because of this:

Unforcasted clouds and moisture. I felt so awful for him, but tried to not show that I had heard anything. That didn't last long so I told him I knew, we had a nice chat about things and he was basically back to normal. That evening we got all dressed up and went to the Boiler Room. This was the nicest place I have ever been and the food was incredible. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

The BUTTER I may have sold my arm for the butter. This was Food Network kinda food. Food so pretty I didn't want to eat it but I'm oh so glad I did. I love this place, they get as much local food as they can, because of this commitment their menu changes every day based on availability. How fun is that?! 

I cannot go through all the food we ate because well, some of it I couldn't pronounce. I will tell you that the cheese course was an experience. "Cave Cheese" as Jerrel calls it was actually a delight-it was aged in a cave, hence the nickname for it. And the goat cheese? Imagine licking a goat. Not that I've done that but...well you get it. After dinner we left and went for a walk downtown and then he asked. It was wonderful. 

*We have picked the third full week in May, with the wedding on the 23rd. 

*Yes that's a weekday, but we are planning a wedding in Michigan.

*Michigan?! Yes Michigan, we know a family that has a cabin on a lake near Kalkaska MI. We wanted this kind of feeling so it's working out so well. 

* We are hoping to get some pictures taken in SNOW! Come on fluffy white stuff! 

* Why May, so soon? No babies, or other big news and while a story of immaculate conception may make my blog ratings go up, we simply decided that May is the right time for us. 

* We will have a reception sometime in June. 

I think that's everything for now. 


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