No. 22

Happy Birthday Senor Smarty Pants- aka Jerrel! Whoa, 1st time I've used his real name. Good birthday present, huh. I guess I could use it, since he's a permanent fixture around here now. 

The picture below is an excellent example of my reactions to him daily. Turn away with "What the heck is going on?" Yet still holding on and putting up with him. Or Vice Versa-whatever.

This picture also shows how ridiculous and weird he is. As well as, how he still seems to have a spirit of a child. All of which are things I love about him.

And this picture, I think, shows his kindness. A quality that he exudes and I sometimes just cannot quite wrap my head around how unending it is.

Today we celebrate this guy with pizza, rootbeer, IPA, family, ice cream cake, and a kitchen gadget he will love! Golly am I thankful he was born.

Happy 22nd Jerrel!


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