Friday's Letters

Dear Follwers, Friends, and Family, THANK YOU for the calls, texts, messages and little notes of congratulations. You all are just too sweet. This week has been so full of love and for that I am eternally grateful. Dear Mr. Parker, Thank you for being such a well behaved little guy while at dance. Also, thank you for taking out all those bad guys with your torpedos, everyone at the class felt safer with you there. Dear Raw Honey, safe to say, you are a miracle worker, it's been a long time since my skin has been this clear, hydrated, and dare I saw glowing? I'll be blogging about this topic soon guys I promise. Dear Grinch Socks, Thank you for making me feel exactly the opposite of that creepy green guy on you. Also, I decorated two Christmas trees just to spite you. Irony is my favorite. Dear Christmas Spirit, come take over my blog please, I'm a little lacking in that department this year. Sorry about it. Dear Snow, come on over, I miss you, I need you, I want you.

Have a beautiful weekend friends!


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