Senor Smarty Pants likes the Nikon almost as much as I do. He likes the "Close-Up" setting. The other day he was wandering around my room snapping away. These are what he presented to me after the session was over: 
 He wasn't thrilled with how this one turned out but he thought it was so cool that you could see the little "hairs" on the flowers. 

 Speaking of "hairs" these are mine. Again he liked how the different colors came through and the overall detail of it.

My door knob...very cool.

His thumb. 

My decongestant pills still out from last weeks cold. An interesting shot. 

 I saved the best one and my favorite one for last. I just thought this was so cool. I'm thinking this would look great enlarged and framed on a wall! Very nice work Senor Smarty Pants! Keep workin' and you may have a future in this industry. :)


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