Uh Oh...Stubbornness...

So this Children's Lit class is getting a lot of attention on this I am again typing away about it. This time I have a bit of a problem. My stubbornness(one of my most "endearing" qualities) is kicking in. I have read endless poems, many picture books, and 8 chapter books, ranging in difficulty. This was ok for a while, I even enjoyed many of the books but with the last one, Peter and Wendy an old feeling came back. A feeling that I have had throughout much of my "educational career"

I got tired of reading, so I wanted to stop, but then I remembered I had to have it read by the next day-it was required. I had to read, I had to finish it, my professor said. I don't like to be told what to read and when to do it. I rarely open a text book. So I started to resent the poor children's classic and I couldn't finish it. I'm in some deep trouble if this feeling sticks around, I have about 7 chapter books to go. Reading is a pleasurable pass-time for me and when I'm told to do it takes all the fun out. My stubbornness takes over and I can't move on. I put it off and find other things to do. I have taken a break from reading for a couple days and prayed about it but this afternoon I have to get back into it. Hopefully I can take this chance to gain some patience and breakthrough the "Wall of Stubborn."


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