Twist 'Em Like A Pretzel

Senor Smarty Pants wrestled in high school. His family loves wrestling. My dad used to wrestle...he despised it and vomited before every match...and it wasn't because he needed to lose weight. He was strong and wiry but still couldn't stand it, because of this my family is not a wrestling family, nor will it ever be. So the whole wrestling "culture" was new to me. In fact two years ago I went to State Wrestling with Senor Smarty Pants' family. It was really fun, great atmosphere, and my perception of the wrestling competition changed a bit. It was really the first "meet" I had been to. I'm still not crazy about the dieting, the singlets and the awful thud of bodies hitting the mats. But I can appreciate the strength, training, and athleticism it takes to be successful. 

Last week we went to district wrestling...I took some pictures to give you visuals. (the guys in the black and orange singlets are who I was there to watch!)

 This is my cousin Logan. He unfortunately didn't make it to state. But ended his high school career with a winning record. The family is very proud :) This is a pretty normal position actually. I guess in the heat of competition you don't really think about it.

 This is Jesse, Senor Smarty Pants' brother. This is early in the match, before the awful sound that ensues when they hit the mat. Before, when I hadn't observed much wrestling I have never thought of the fact that your opponent is meeting you will all their strength and you with yours. It's not one sided. It's a really difficult sport! 

This is another great example of the interesting positions wrestlers get themselves into. Things happen so quickly. This looks rather uncomfortable. Glad it's not me. I didn't take any pictures with arms can thank me now and later for that.

I still feel dirty after a meet but I guess we can say I am "tolerating" wrestling, with rarely a complaint. That is progress... :)


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