Valentines Day!

This holiday used to annoy me. Highly. I'm not that kind of girl. I saw it as a waste of time. But then...I went to Hobby Lobby. Not the explanation you were expecting? Well its true. I am a frequent, frequent with a capital F, visitor of Hobby Lobby. Even when I don't need anything. I just like wandering around. Well as soon as all the Christmas decor was put away the Valentines Day paraphernalia started showing up. At first I said yuck and wouldn't give it the time of day.

Then...I journeyed through the isles. I found that it was a fun holiday. It didn't have to be mushy or gushy (gag). It was pretty. One of the few times where you can shamelessly decorate with pink and red together, excessively! It's great to be girly. My mom has always had a few decorations for Valentines Day and her Hair Salon has been feelin' the love since New Years. It's sweet. :) I don't expect to spend lots of money on this holiday or have lots spent on me, certainly not that. But its fun to think about, to decorate for, to appreciate. It isn't all about if you have a significant other. It's just about sharing the love with anyone special to you.

And that's how Miss Jess began loving Valentines day. And of course the blog got all caught up in it as well...


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