Thrifty Thursday

Thriftier; Thriftiest 
1. Thriving by industry and frugality: prosperous. 

It's Thrifty Thursday, the time of the week where I share my thrifty finds from garage sales, antique shops, and of course thrift stores. 

We went to the big city this weekend. Sure, we went to the mall and stuff. But the real winner? Goodwill! I found some capris and jeans-I'm telling you I may never every spend $80 on jeans again. Usually I have to go to places in that price range to find jeans long enough and slim enough (woes of a skinny girl). In the last 6 months, however I have really been scoring at garage sales, thrift stores and Goodwills'.


These shoes are just too cute to not feature on the blog!  The jeans are awesome but it's rare to find this nice of shoes in places like this. My Aunt Beth knows the GOOD Goodwills and took us there-like always. We did excellent! These babies show basically no wear and feel like new! They are from Ann Taylor-I'm becoming more "mature" in my shoe brands-look at me growin' up and stuff. 


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