Have I been neglecting my blog? Maybe. Have I been squeaking by, by doing the bare minimum? Yeeess.

Sorry about that-I think it's because school is coming quickly and I will soon spend most of my days behind this thing so I'm kinda avoiding the whole machine. So I will update you on a few things.

I'm currently trying to tint some mason jars for Senor Smarty Pant's new apartment He has windows above his kitchen cabinets and I thought they would look cool with light streaming through them-they aren't working though. Something to do with my impatience and inability to read directions. But besides those two issues it's totally not my fault.

Tomorrow is the last night of meeting with my women's Bible study. I am going to miss it so much. For the last 3 weeks it has slowly been getting smaller as girls head out to school. I haven't really blogged much about it but I have learned so much from it and remembered how wonderful it is to have lady friends. One thing I've really latched on to from the study of Ephesians is: Grace. It seems to be my word now. I'm am now very mindful of giving others the Grace I receive everyday-sometimes that's a real challenge for me.

I will be helping out with the newsletter and blogging for Country Drawers in the near future! I'll let you guys know when I post and such so you can toddle right on over there and check out the topic of discussion. I'm so excited about this opportunity!

Well I better get back to those stinking jars. Tomorrow is Thrifty Thursday-get excited!


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