August 1

Soo...I have this passion. Something I just kinda discovered, the information was brought to my attention by Dr. Stolzer and I just couldn't seem to get enough. I've read everything I've stumbled upon and continue to seek out information. 

I haven't really been open about it because well, it's breastfeeding. And I'm sorry men and boys who are reading this blog and you become uncomfortable-for that matter women too. Except, I'm not really sorry. Because there's nothing sexual or inappropriate about it-it's nourishment and bonding. Is it intimate? Of course. Does that mean it should be hid? Absolutely not-ever. 

So why haven't I been posting about this and screaming it from the rooftops? It's certainly not because I'm embarrassed, believe me! If it was brought up in conversations-I'd be all over it! But when I came home just bursting at the seams with information and wanted to share, the responses I received were a little hard on my ego. I had all these thoughts, opinions and concerns, I had facts, numbers, and scientific reasonings and no one really wanted to hear it. I get it, we don't really have in depth discussions about this topic, but that was kinda my point-we ignore it-out of sight, out of mind. And it is really too important to do that, we have too many issues that stem from this basic part of human activity to just pretend it's not there, or that it doesn't need talked about. But then again I didn't really realize it was a big problem until my class.

Senor Smarty Pants would listen though, because-well he's a little nerdy like me. Another reason why I am convinced that he is the only one who could truly put up with me. So when I would say something to others I was met with sweet responses, no real challenging responses, not really any further questions, usually just a quick segue into the next subject. 

I didn't get why no one else cared. Why didn't people see that this is a cultural issue-one that's affecting our children's health and well-being? Could it be that people just didn't take me seriously? Did I need to have a child, nurse it, and then become an advocate? But I didn't want to wait that long. I didn't feel like I could wait that long, like I was supposed to wait that long. I felt like God presented me with this information now-to do something with.

I realized I don't have to be a momma or even an expectant momma to care. I don't have to be a mom to read the research and share my knowledge. If we relied only on people who were directly involved or affected by the issues they stood for- would there be many people left standing? So I do not have to be a mother to be passionate about the things I am. I do not have stay tight lipped until I have some real-world experience. I do have to make sure I hear people when they speak, that I do not minimize their experience, that I present them with the proper facts, direct them to wonderful organizations. Hopefully teach them a thing or two about their bodies and how awesome it is to be not only a woman, but a mammal! (nerd moment)

So the 1-7 of August is World Breastfeeding week. We are supporting women, supporting babies, in doing the most natural and nurturing act that exists, in giving their babies the absolute optimal nutrition on the face of planet. Not to guilt those who, for whatever reason could not breastfeed, or chose not to-but to simply support those who did-because frankly in this country thats who needs the support. We don't live in a very breastfeeding friendly land.

I just love this picture:
Sometimes people say that breastfeeding advocates overreact. I'm convinced however, we simply react. In so many hospitals today mothers who intend to breastfeed are sent home with a diaper bag from a formula company filled with things plastered in the company's logo and cans of formula. "Just in case?" Lactation consultants are not always accessible and because of the culture we live in sometimes going to our mother, sister, or aunt is like asking a rock how it's all supposed to work. Sadly most of our own doctors are not trained in human lactation. We have kids that have rotting teeth, bad eating habits, and weight issues. We have mothers suffering from PPD and feeling overwhelmed by the varying opinions and information swirling around them. All of this could be helped with education, research based facts, from people who genuinely care about a humans well-being not dollar signs. 

Don't even get me started on how amazing the composition of human milk is. It's just crazy how God created all of this-this perfect food designed specifically for the littlest and cutest of humans. So I'm posting my first breastfeeding post on the first day of World Breastfeeding Week and it won't be the last. I promise this will not become some breastfeeding blog or a cosleeping, or babywearing, or pro intact blog, I'm interested in way too many things for that to happen. I'm going to leave you all with a link Le Leche League is an awesome breastfeeding site. It has wonderful articles. and resources-even certified lactation consultants are listed so you can find one close to you. 

Feels good to have that all off my chest. 

Whew, this post got long fast. 


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