A Commercial

I hope the terminology (if you can call it that) doesn't offend anyone but honestly I really enjoy the way they put this. It's normal and realistic enough for the masses and lighthearted enough for people really sit through and watch it. Bottom line is that breasts are part of our anatomy and really, they shouldn't be as off-limits or taboo-in this totally nonsexual context-as we make them, because they serve a purpose-nourishment.

So go into watching this with a lighthearted attitude and listen to some of the things they list-then look them up! They are all true and so interesting! Especially the "It'll make you feel way less crazy." bit, there is so much to this. The hormones that course through a woman's body while she's nursing are all about "bliss." I'm positive I'll blog more about this later. It's incredible.   

There are some other shorter commercials that deliver a similar message just in a shorter time. Check those out too! 


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  1. I love this! Breastfeeding is an amazing thing. It is disappointing how many bottle feed out of convenience. It has been hard but worth it.