Thrifty Thursday-on a Friday

Sorry about the delay, Thursdays are always a whirlwind and if I don't get my post done in the morning I can pretty much count on it not happening. So without further ado:

Thriftier; Thriftiest 
1. Thriving by industry and frugality: prosperous. 

It's Thrifty Thursday(friday), the time of the week where I share my thrifty finds from garage sales, antique shops, and of course thrift stores. 

Remember those stinking jars I was telling you about? Well they are finally finished and while they are not perfect, I think they will suffice for what I want them for and for my first attempt. I learned a lot we can say.

Yes I see the runs, yes I see the goopy tops of the jars. Yatta yatta. 

I have a bad habit of not like things or not doing things again if they do not come easy the first time. I'm defying that spirit and I will try this craft again! You can bet that if this apartment was mine as well there would have been some lavender and pink jars in the mix. Instead I resorted to blue and an amber like color-manlier mason jars? Here's the link I followed to tint the jars-it's really a good one with lots of great pictures. 

Tonight is the football scrimmage-the night were my parents (and I) can kiss their Friday evenings at home goodbye and say hello to bleacher butt. But really it's fun going and sitting outside with friends and family on the cooler evenings cheering on the boys. I'm thrilled to report that last night we slept with the windows open and right now it's only 63 out! It should be a great evening watching this glorified practice. Evan is number 11 so I should have no problem remembering that! Ok I'm going to put on some socks my feet are cold-I just love saying that after 113 degree weather we've had.


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