Miss Muffin...Orange Marmalade

Next on our muffin adventure is an interesting flavor. These were some that I had never heard of. Earlier in the summer I had a different recipe in mind for some Orange
Marmalade. Mom had picked it up at the store for me but I never got around to making my intended sweets.

I figured it was high time to use the Marmalade up. So back on the internet was I and I came up with this delightfully fresh recipe that included an glaze with the marmalade. (can I just mention that I am in LOVE with the word Marmalade.) The glaze was so simple just a bit of Marmalade and some powdered sugar. Which, I feel I should also mention is my nemesis. I think the picture below proves this statement.

This is the situation EVERY time I just get the powdered sugar out. It just gets everywhere, on the counter, on the backsplash, in the sink, in my hair, on my clothes and face, and of course some ends up in my baking, although I am never quite sure how much...


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