Thrifty Thursday

Thriftier; Thriftiest 
1. Thriving by industry and frugality: prosperous. 

It's Thrifty Thursday, the time of the week where I share my thrifty finds from garage sales, antique shops, and of course thrift stores.

I'm going to admit this week for Thrifty Thursday I was kinda grasping at straws. 

I received flowers this week. I usually get flowers wrapped in paper. We all know how I love that. I get them hold them for a while and then find a vase or jar to put them in. I just feel it's more personal this way. 

Senor Smarty Pants and I were talking about flowers with our friend Kaleb and where the best place in Ktown to buy is located. By the way it's Diva's downtown. They are a new shop, but not new to the business. They used to be at Bob's for anyone who knows what I'm talking about. Anyway they are awesome. Then Jerrel explained how he gets them wrapped in paper. I stated how wonderful I found that process and he followed up with "It's cheaper too." I couldn't help but smirk. Look at Senor Smarty Pants being all thrifty and stuff! As for me? I'm just naturally this way apparently! 


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