Wedding Wednesday

As promised I've got pictures to show you! 
We feel so blessed to have Alli D as our friend and thank her for being such a good sport during the snowfall and coooold. We wanted snow and then the day of pictures the snow started to fall and added to the collection already on the ground. 

I made this sign out of an old door panel and some wooden letters I found at work. Smitten is one of my favorite words.

We acquired a pickup from the 1960's that we used as a really big prop, I can't wait to see more. Also, do those mittens look familiar?  

Alli posted this one to facebook but I figured that you guys might want to see one of our whole faces. I don't do that too often on here. 

Annnd she shared this one too, but it's my favorite and I love it, and I had to share because I knew it would look so pretty on my blog. Check out Alli D Photography's Page! Can't wait to see the rest!

Remember those 14 bazillion emails? Well I'm over that. Know why? Because we found a photographer! She is talented and kind. When I found her page and went through her work we both just felt at ease and it felt like the right move. My mom thought she had a great eye so we inquired and booked her. Visit her facebook page-{Shutter & Snap} Photography. We are so thrilled to have her! However I'm not sure she knows what she's in for...with my brothers, Jerrel's brothers, she's in for a treat, or something like that.

And that concludes this week's Wedding Wednesday.


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  1. Yeah so glad you found a photographer!