Wedding Wednesday

This week I've been thinking about invitations. Trying to decide if I want to make my own or order them and save myself the time. But then again, when I go to order these types of things I never believe the company has what I want, even if I do not really know what I want.

Then there's the whole idea that the invitation sets the tone for the event. I'm doing really good at not getting all tied up in that thought and focusing on what I like and what represents us. However, I'm not sure that a cast iron skillet and a jar of homemade deodorant would make for a very appealing reception invitation. I could be wrong though, I've been before...that one time.

I also get distracted while looking for inspiration.

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And I catch myself looking at an invitation that has nothing to do with us, or the party, or anything else our the world. Except that it has my name. 

Then there is this one that still has me confused.

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If anyone out there has any insights on this invitation please tell me. I get that the bear is "bearing gifts" clever-I guess. But WHY? 

So if anyone has any tips, tricks, or brilliant insights as to what they think the perfect invitation for us would be shout it out! I'd love some help. It's the first time during this deal that I'm kinda drawing a blank. 

And that's concludes week's Wedding Wednesday.

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