Wedding Wednesday

I just love succulents. Don't you? Their architecture makes me swoon.

I've had hens and chicks for a couple years, knowing that I would like to incorporate them in the decor of my wedding...I'm just kinda a planner. Sorta. Not really though. So I've been waiting for the terra-cotta pots to be in stock and they finally were so I bought enough to split my hens and chicks. That was my fun Sunday project. The gardener in me delighted in getting the dirt under my nails again. 

I now have 10 pots. I love that they will add green to the reception tables for little cost, and are something I can keep. 

In other news I've sent out 14 bazillon emails inquiring on photographers. We really would love to find an awesome one up there, it would be easiest. I'm finding however, the wedding photography market is OUTRAGEOUS. It astonishes me how a family session can cost $200 but you throw that word Wedding in and suddenly the price is literally at least 10 times higher. Whistles, Sirens, or Bells go off, it's crazy.

Even though we are basically a family session that just happens to have a wedding taking place it's still a rough market. So I've been inquiring on prices. I feel ruthless. I'm at the point where I hardly look at the work I just look for the word "Investment." That's the fancy word they use to try and make you stomach paying as much as they are asking. 

Then I email explaining our situation and saying we are on a Thursday because that's gotten me some discounts, but I'm finding that wedding photographers are hard to wheel and deal with. Why? Because they CAN. There will be other weddings, other people who just pay upfront and like it. So I'm trying to be patient. I'm trying to have faith that the right one at the right price will come along. I'm trying to not just say, "Ok. I'll sell my kidney in India and pay for this photographer," mainly because the recovery would infringe on our time frame for the wedding. I promise I'm not as bitter as this narrative sounds. I actually find the predicament a little humorous.

So I'm praying about photographers and patience this week. Guess what guys. Next week? Engagement Photos! 

And that concludes this week's Wedding Wednesday. 


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