Wedding Wednesday

I've been absent I know. I've taken a little break for the Holidays. Hope you all had a blessed Christmas and New Years, I did. Back to the task at hand. Wedding Wednesday-you really didn't think I was going to pass up this chance for some obvious and awesome alliteration did you?

For the next few months I'm going to do my darnedest to post weekly with little tid bits of this process. A little way to document this part of our story.

First, we have decided on June 8th for the reception date. So all you long distance people, mark your calendar, call a cab, buy your train ticket, book a flight-do whatever you gotta do to get your booty here to dance, eat, and celebrate Marriage and Life!

Next, I have a dress! I've been perusing the internet for months, casually of course. I am an anomaly as I have never been too enthused with the idea of going wedding dress shopping. Something about my picky-ness, impatience, liking being left alone while shopping, and knowing what I did not want but not knowing what I did want, made me intimidated. After talking to a friend, I was encouraged to find the right seller on ebay and maybe it would work. (Thank you Kacie!)

After randomly stumbling on a dress on jcrew, being curious if it existed on ebay and what the going rate was, I found what I felt to be kismet:

  • One dress 
  • Never Been Worn (tags and everything)
  • My Size 
  • Good Price
  • Ability to Return if there were any issues.
  • Excellent Seller Reviews 

So I bought the beauty and received it on Christmas Eve. It fits wonderfully and only needs shortened a bit. Finally something off that list! Now I'm working on accessories, among other things of course.

And that concludes this weeks Wedding Wednesday.


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  1. YOU ARE SO WELCOME! I can't wait to read more about Wedding Wednesdays and I cannot wait to come to Nebraska in June!!!