Where I Come From

I come from a claw-foot bath tub, from pin sol and a warm wood stove.

I come from Christmas music by Alabama.

I come from the tall prairie grass and the freshly cut blue grass.

I come from a cardinal on the Christmas tree and honesty. From thrift stores and a poetry writer. From a doll named Sweetie Pie.

I come from burnt toast and mustard and constant costume changes.

From catching a cold without a coat and from the sweet smell of lilacs.

I come from a Sunday morning service and giving the Grace we have received. I come from night time prayers and goodnight kisses.

I come from a little house in the country and from German Chocolate Cake.

From "camping out" on the living room floor and family vacations.

I come from the brown teapot, the handwritten postcard, the bible bookmark, and the tiny gold ring. All reminding me who I come from.

This is a poem I wrote for one of my classes. We also had to incorporate technology during the process. Publishing on the blog was how I chose to meet that requirement. 


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