Wedding Wednesday

I couldn't quite decide where to put this post. It also fit into the Thrifty Thursday category but because of it's purpose it's here on Wedding Wednesday. The other day I found a darling idea that I knew I had to recreate for the wedding reception. Dance rings! I have many little cousins that will be coming to the dance and I thought these would be such fun for them. 

I also have many friends that will get some good mileage out of these. 

Won't these make dancing MORE fun? I feel special when I swirl them around too-not that I've done that after each one I make. 

Anyway, all I did was take the eye-hook out of the ring(shower curtain rings), cut long strips of ribbon, put a little dab of glue on the ring, looped the ribbon around the ring, and stuck it in place. I have five loops of ribbon on each ring. 

Mamas' these would be great toys for your little ones too. Plus they don't make noise! Strips of fabric would also work wonderfully and be just a cute.

Lucky me, I found the glitter ribbon and the shower curtain rings at the Thrifty Nickel. Right now I have about $1.25 in them. I do want to make a few more so I will be going to Hobby Lobby and the Goodwill this week hunting for some more supplies.

This may not have been the highest of priority in terms of what needs to get done, but I needed some crafty time, some mindless and minimal decision making time. This project did the trick and made me smile while thinking about the fun my little ladies and gents will have.

And that concludes this week's Wedding Wednesday! 


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