Wedding Wednesday

Sometimes I still cannot believe that a man in a dark suit isn't going to come up to me and say "Mam, we need the ring back." And people are still asking about our engagement and wedding plans so I guess the new hasn't wore off yet.

When I explain our short, sweet, far away wedding, people respond a myriad of ways. One genre of responses has me perplexed though. Here's a few that fit into the category: "Oh our families would kill us." or "I wish we could." or "But (bride or groom) won't let us do that, basically it's their day."-This one baffles me! Another, " I have to have all these people in the wedding, they have to be in it."

I know I wrote about us wanting to make sure that everyone is okay with the things that are happening but we have ultimately made the decisions that are important to us. We are choosing to take our parents and brothers because we want them there, for us it wouldn't feel right without them. We chose to not have a big wedding because it wouldn't be us, we would be uncomfortable the whole time. We aren't doing anything outlandish or unachievable. 

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Go to the beach if you want. You and the ones that mean the most.

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If you want to and can talk someone into making the trek with you get hitched here.

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Or if this is more your style, awesome! Go for it!

Take ownership for the decisions. It's okay if you want a big wedding and I do not. It's not okay if you are allowing everyone else dictate this major event in your life. And if people aren't actually dictating your event, stop making it sound like that's the case. I don't know what you want me to do about it anyway. Own your wedding! Be thrilled about it, be confident in your decisions, and be thankful for all the people involved. 

In our culture this wedding stuff can get wildly out of hand. Take a step back, review what we want, what will get the job done, what we will look back on and be thankful for, and what we can live with. Slow down, even if you have 4 months to plan. This season won't last forever. Be in the moment. Be joyful. 

Thus ends my wedding rant and this weeks Wedding Wednesday. 


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